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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 21, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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guy just cannot avoid it. good afternoon in the middle of a heatwave, i'm wendy rieger in for jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. dozens of states in the district are under heat advisories and warnings today. it's because of a heat dome caused by a huge area of high pressure that is compressing hot, moist air beneath it. >> this heat dome is now over our area, and we've got live team coverage for you. but let's start with doug kammerer up in the storm center. doug? >> we're dealing with dangerous heat out there, as you just mentioned. temperatures out there hovering close to 100 degrees in many locations. but it's not just the heat, it's the humidity and the heat index. right now, it's 97 degrees out there, current temperature, dew point of 77. and right now the heat index in the d.c. area, 112. that's the way it feels out there on the exposed skin. everybody under a heat warning right now, and that heat warning is going to continue throughout the night tonight, through the day tomorrow, and they have just extended it through the day on saturday, too, for a heat index
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between 105 and 115 degrees. some areas will be over 120 for that heat index. as far as the temperatures go around the area right now, we are at 100 degrees in frederick. 99 right now into loudoun county around leesburg. 99 in culpeper and towards fredericksburg, 91 degrees in annapolis. but once again, the heat index is the story, 115 in la plata, 117 in fredericksburg, and 106 out towards annapolis. we are going to continue to be extremely hot and humid throughout the night tonight. temperatures around 9:00, still around 90 degrees with a heat index at 9:00 close to 100. so an extremely hot night tonight. and we don't get a whole lot of relief. tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures around 82 degrees, extremely humid morning. and once again, we're going to be talking about that humidity and that heat index. i've got a lot of calls, a lot of facebook and a lot of twitter questions saying, hey, explain the heat index. what is the dew point, and how does it -- what does it mean to me? and my exposed skin? we sent chuck bell outside to explain just that.
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hey, chuck. >> hey, there, doug. yes, indeed, another day in the steam bath here in the washington area. we always say, it's not just the heat, it's the humidity. it feels a lot hotter in washington at 97 degrees therein it ever does in las vegas. here's a chart for you. our humanities have been running more than 50% relative humidity during the course of the day. and normally during the middle of the afternoon, humidity comes down a little bit as the atmosphere heats up and mixes up just a bit. but for us this afternoon, our heat index on the front lawn is hovering right around 113 degrees with temperatures in the upper 90s, and relative humidities around 55%, which is just intolerably high, dangerously high if you're outside doing any physical work, limit it to 15 or 20 minutes at a time, take breaks and do what i do, always have a nice tall cup of what was at least moments ago, cold water. always have a nice fresh sip, because man, is itot hot out here, doug. >> we'll continue to talk about the heat over the next couple
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days. once again, tomorrow could be even worse. but there is some relief in the forecast. i'll show you when coming up in my full forecast. >> thanks, doug. with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees, being outdoors is no picnic, unless you're chilling at the pool. news4's melissa melai is live at a pool in college park looking at how they're coping there. hey, melissa. >> this is how we're coping here with these wonderful snow cones at the pool this afternoon. jeff, one of the managers here at the ellen lindson pool. how are you managing things today? it is a mad house. >> we are doing everything possible, we have the snow cone machine for the first time this year. and also giving our lifeguards a lot of cold water all day. it's helping a little bit. but not much they can do. >> talk about -- you were at capacity a couple hours ago. people could not come in, it was so full. >> earlier today, we didn't even have a lot of camps today but hit our capacity of over 350 people.
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it was crazy earlier. >> reporter: what are you expecting tomorrow? you did break out the snow cone machine today, which i think was very, very smart. what do you think for tomorrow? >> tomorrow is going to be the same as today, very packed day. >> reporter: going to be busy, right? >> right. >> reporter: you've been here for six years. one of the worst days you've seen heat-wise? >> by far. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. you can take a bite of your snow cone, they been melting, as well as my makeup and everything else. back to you inside. >> well, you look mighty cool, medical list list a. >> we were just saying how fresh you look. >> reporter: i love you guys. i look dewy maybe. >> no, you look very fresh. must be the snow cone. all right. well, despite the rising temperatures, which brings demand, the utility companies say they are ready to handle this heat, both pepco and pg&e are asking customers, however, to still help out, now more than ever. you should keep your curtains and blinds closed, set your
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thermostats at 78 degrees or higher and suggest waiting to use your major appliances, your ovens, your washers, your dryers until late in the evening when temperatures drop and demand drops, as well. police in maryland are on the lookout for drivers who have become stranded by the heat. police say troopers are to help drivers with disabled vehicles as quickly as possible the next two days. you're reminded to bring along plenty of water if you're stuck on the side of the road. police say drivers should never leave a child or a pet. never, ever, ever, unattended in the car in this heat. >> the heat hasn't stopped thousands of people from celebrating the 150th anniversary at the battle of bull run in manassas. it was the civil war's very first battle. news4's megan mcgrath has more from the manassas national battlefield park where folks are taking precautions today because of the weather. >> at the left, march! >> reporter: it's like stepping back in time. men on horseback, some in proper
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military uniform, others in the casual dress of the citizens' soldier. >> this was a handmade frock coat. it's a little unusual because it has wooden buttons. >> reporter: 10,000 reenactors are bringing the battle of bull run to life this weekend. among them, steven dunn. >> i'm commanding the confederate cavalry contingent here at the history event. and we'll be drilling, we'll be doing the best we can to portray soldiers. >> reporter: it's the 150th anniversary of bull run, also called the first battle of manassas. the bloody clash was really the first major battle of the civil war. >> the first land battle ever fought in the civil war, and the fact that brother fought against brother, and the fact that, you know, they put guns to each other and said, you know, even though you're my neighbor, you're wearing the wrong color. so there is a huge significance to it and i think we learned a lot from that.
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>> every effort has been made to be authentic, from the artillery to the surgery tent. the hope, to spark interest in our nation's history, to remember lessons learned. >> it's a function of educating the public, mostly young people. because most young people don't care much about history. but this is a good introduction to it. >> reporter: brutal temperatures are expected for the next several days. the red cross has set up cooling and medical tents. everyone is urged to take precautions and to stay hydra hydrated. but for the reenactor in their elaborate costumes, that may be difficult. >> stay hydrated and there's apparently air conditioning in the gym. so -- there may be a number of women in dresses. >> reporter: now, there are some tents that have been set up for some of the displays, but there's not a lot of shade out here. if you are coming this weekend, you're going to want to bring a hat, and definitely bring some water, as well.
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in manassas, megan mcgrath, news4. >> our coverage of the heat warning continues throughout news4 this afternoon. for the latest information any time, visit, and you can join the conversation about the heat on twitter. use hash tag beat the heat. the victim from this morning's police-involved shooting in fairfax county has now been identified as ery cardo leon. he was a marine. when police responded to a disturbance in the 600 block of kinder way in centerville, police were approached by an armed man. officers ordered the 34-year-old suspect to stop and drop his weapon. when he did not comply, according to the police, officers fired. the windows at the top of the house were broken from inside-out as a result of this disturbance. >> we heard the glass when it broke, and we look outside, and
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suddenly the police officers were there. and everything went by so quick. we just heard the gunshot, and that's it. >> the suspect leaves behind a wife, four officers involved in the shoot right leg now on paid routine administrative leave during the investigation. an early-morning fire damaged a business in rockville today. it happened around 4:00 this morning at mailboxes and more. that's in the 11100 block of rockville pike. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for heat-related reasons. he's expected to be treated and released. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. it was a busy morning for d.c. firefighters, as well. an auto repair shop in the 1700 block of rhode island avenue was seriously damaged by a vehicle fire. both the repair area and office space were damaged. work is continuing today on part of georgia avenue after
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wednesday's massive water main break. and now officials say the road will not open in time for the afternoon commute. crews worked through the night to repair the 16-inch main. 4 million gallons of water spilled into the street and damaged nearby homes. workers had to remove a 200-feet stretch of damaged pavement, and those repairs are taking a little longer than expected. the southbound lanes of georgia avenue between randolph road and henderson avenue will be shut down until late this evening. on capitol hill today, the rumors and the tweets are flying about the debt limit talks between the president and the speaker of the house. here's some of what we have been reading. that getting ready to approve to the grand bargain. no they're not, sticking with the game of six senate plan. but first there has to be an agreement on the cut and cap balance. are you with us? one thing is clear, the august 2nd debt line is fast approaching.
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steve handlesman from the hill. >> reporter: squeezed by the tea party on his right and moderates on his left, house speaker john boehner is hinting publicly he is open to a deal with democrats. >> frankly, i think it would be irresponsible on behalf of the congress and the president not to be looking at back-up strategies. >> reporter: since they golfed together in mid june, bainer and president obama have partnered, negotiating not just in the regular talks, but also meeting one-on-one in secret. no deal yet, but new hope for a grand bargain. >> there is the potential here for a significant agreement. >> reporter: the white house last night informed congressional democrats that the obama/boehner deal, if there is one, would raise revenue by closing tax loopholes and ending some deductions, but would lower tax rates for individuals and corporations to win gop support. and house conservative leader paul ryan sounds supportive. >> cool heads will prevail, and
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we just want to cut spending. >> reporter: heads were still hot in the senate. >> all we need is 20 democrats to join us. >> reporter: republicans tried to pass the tea party-backed house plan. deep spending cuts, no tax hikes, and the balanced budget amendment. >> the republicans' so-called cut, cap and balance plan doesn't have one chance in a million of passing the senate. >> reporter: so what is possible? the obama/boehner grand bargain, 10 years, $4 trillion, spending cuts and tax hikes. the similar bipartisan gang of six senate plan. and the reid/mcconnell back-up plan. short-term, fewer cuts, just to prevent default. with 12 days to make a deal. if there is a boehner/obama deal, they'll have to take on not just the tea party, but liberals who will fight any medicare cuts that will be sure to be part of any grand bargain. i'm steve handlesman, news4, capitol hill. when news4 at 4:00 continues
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this afternoon, it's the end of an era in u.s. space flight. a lot of folks are looking back at the achievements. kim kardashian is taking a national clothing chain to court because of their advertise wants. and more on the murdoch marriage and the incident that has all of london talking.
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today, lindsay lohan received a warning from a judge to speed up her completion of the community service that she needs to do to meet her court-ordered deadline. the 25-year-old actress was in court this afternoon for a status hearing that stems from her drunk driving conviction and her misdemeanor theft cases. so far, lohan has completed 33 of 480 hours of community service at a woman's shelter. she returns to court in october to give the judge another update. kim kardashian wants old navy to stop using a model who looks like her in its ads. and to make her point, she is taking the store to court. >> the commercial features a smiling, dark-haired model. it's been viewed more than 2 million times on old navy's youtube channel. kardashian's lawsuit alleges the ad violates her publicity rights
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and may confuse consumers about which companies she endorses. she is seeking unspecified damages. no word on whether old navy will pull the ads. robots and vampires are invading san diego. >> yes, it's the annual sci-fi fantasy and comic book convention known as comic-con. >> nbc's marc barger has a look at what the big draws are this year for the year's mega convention. >> reporter: if last week belonged to potter-mania, this week belongs to the twi-hards. since monday, fans of the "twilight" saga have been camped outside the san diego convention center. >> we're hanging out, because we want to see the "breaking dawn". >> reporter: they are expected to take part in today's panel discussion of the next installment of the "twilight" saga, "breaking dawn" which opens in september. >> reporter: the trio's
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appearance is the marquis event for day one of comic-con, a four-daikon eventual of all things science fiction, fantasy and super heroes, both in print and on screen. >> at this point, comic-con is just about every aspect of pop culture. >> reporter: 130,000 people, many dressed for the occasion, will attend this convention, which over its four decades has outdproen grown its comic book roots. >> comic books didn't sell out to pop culture, pop culture found its way to comic books. >> so about yourself, mr. parker. >> reporter: in fact, one of the biggest comic book heroes, spiderman, will grab the spotlight friday, when the new web andrew garfield appears to tease next year's reboot. >> they're going to give it the full 360-degree here's what you can expect from this movie now, please, please love us and forget about the earlier movies. >> reporter: part of what makes san diego the annual mechanica for all things fantastic. >> i don't think you have to be a geek to love comic-con,
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although it definitely helps. >> reporter: and a costume doesn't hurt. mark barger, nbc news. >> and this year, director steven spielberg will make his first-ever appearance at the four-day event. >> he'll be accepting an award for his work in entertainment and participate in a panel discussion while he's there. coming up on news4 this afternoon, it looks like an apple store, except for the misspelling. find out why some are suspicious about the products being sold here. and is your neighborhood post office on a list of possible closings? we're going to hear with some
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so have you been outdoors today? you know 110 feels like. >> yeah, wow. and actually, 112 now. 112 in some areas. i just looked at one place, 123. >> no. where? >> we haven't been very much in a long time, as far as the heat index is concerned. that heat index, above 110, that's why we have that excessive heat warning across the area. and there it is outside right now, just a very hazy, hot and humid afternoon. temperatures right now, sitting
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at 97 degrees across the area. we're looking at plenty of sunshine. so not much in the way of relief as far as cloud cover is concerned. we have a little breeze at 10 miles per hour, but that's only helping to keep the dew point up there around 77. and our heat index now is 112 at the airport. that is some hot stuff. and as a matter of fact, the excessive heat warning has now been extended through the day on saturday as our heat index is 105 to 115 degrees, plus. and when i say plus, some areas are already over 115. outside right now, current temperatures around the region, 100 in winchester. 100 in cumberland. frederick at 100 degrees. 99 in leesburg. culpeper and fredericksburg, annapolis around 91, too. here's your heat index across the region. 112 here, 114 in fredericksburg. 110 in eastton, 116 in aberdeen. as we look towards the metro area, this is where things really get hot. 115 in reston. here you go, wendy. warrenton, 123 in fauquier
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county. >> no. >> incredibly hot day there. camp springs out there at andrews air force base, 117. and how about you folks in northern calvert county? hunting town, 120 as far as the heat index is concerned. so this is really a day to just stay inside if you can. hazy, hot and humid conditions through the day today, through the day tomorrow, and then look at this. a cold front, and it's not going to be bringing any cold weather but any time you see a cold front come through you know we're going to see some relief and i think that is going to happen later on into the weekend and into early next week, maybe a chance of a shower or thunderstorm activity probably sunday and into monday, too. so we are going to see an end to this, but it's going to take a while. very hot, uncomfortable, mostly clear skies, 90 to 95 degrees this evening. tomorrow morning, 76 to 82 degrees. that's not going to bring any relief. it's still going to feel incredibly uncomfortable when you wake up in the morning. and tomorrow afternoon, he thinks extremely hot, 97 to
4:25 pm
101. heat index between 110 and 120. this is why we want you to stay indoors, drink plenty of water, check on the elderly and bring the pets inside. simple rules to remember, but something we all need to abide by. 100 on saturday and then we do cool off. only 90 -- when we get to the day on monday. >> sweater weather. >> yeah. >> so you said just a little hotter tomorrow. >> just a little hotter tomorrow. i think our heat index may be 5 degrees warmer in some spots. >> but it's going to be like this. it's going to be like this. >> soupy. thank you. still to come on news4 at 4:00, celebration follows this morning's historic landing of the space shuttle "atlantis." and the first marine in four decades is set to receive a presidential medal of honor.
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger sitting in for jim handly. police are trying to figure out what sparked a disturbance this morning in fairfax county that led to a police shooting. they shot and killed 34-year-old ricardo leon. they say he refused to drop a gun and get on the ground. this was at kendra way in cen r centerville. officers are on administrative leave while police investigate. work is continuing on georgia avenue after wednesday's massive water main break. officials say the road will not open in time for the evening commute. the southbound lanes of georgia between randolph road and henderson avenue will be shut down until late this evening. the rumors are flying on capitol hill, but the white house and the speaker of the house are saying the same thing. so far, no deal to raise the debt limit to tackle our deficit. the chief's sticking point, still taxes. investors this rugged off
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the discouragingnette debt news. the dow soared 152 points today. the nasdaq gained 20. and the s&p 500 was up 18. shuttle "atlantis" landed on a runway at cape canaveral today, marking the end of the 3030-year-old space shuttle program. the shuttle was greeted with cheers and shouts from supporters who gathered near the runway. jay gray has more from the kennedy space center. >> reporter: it can be hard to go home, especially when it's for the last time. >> its place in history secured, the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. its voyage at an end. >> reporter: and a close to an amazing chapter in the history of the space agency. >> thank you, "columbia," "california challenge"
4:31 pm
"discovery" and god bless the united states of america. >> they say history is in the eye of the beholder. many watching from mission control at johnson space center are on the ground at kennedy. >> very emotional. >> reporter: and dealing with the end of three decades of dedication and service to the shuttle program. >> a lot of people are leaving that i've been very close to. and it's, you know -- they're friends that are going to keep with you forever, you know? it's a family. >> reporter: a family that gathered through the day for one last up-close look, a final goodbye. >> sad, because i flew "columbia," the first time i was a commander so i've got an emotional tie to it. but it has done the country incredibly well. >> reporter: service reflected in the 30-year history of a program that has stretched the limits of our knowledge. >> i want our country to do fantastic things like this for the continued future. >> reporter: and the boundaries of our exploration and imagination. imagination that now turns to deep space.
4:32 pm
nasa hopes to send astronauts to an astroid and mars in the next 20 years. jay gray, nbc news, kennedy space center. >> a marine is now set to receive the nation's highest military honor. the pentagon says president obama will award the medal of honor to dakota meier. in 2009, he charged into a remote taliban-controlled village in afghanistan. he was looking for four of his team members. he found them, shot to death. even though he was already wounded by shrapnel, meyer helped carry his comrades from the kill zone. the date of the award ceremony hasn't been announced. he will be the first marine to receive the medal of honor in more than 41 years. the united states post office has a list of 3,600 post offices that may be closing. we'll find out tuesday who is on it. the move comes as mail volume is down nationwide. the postal service lost $8 billion in revenue last year, due to the recession.
4:33 pm
e-mail and online bill-paying. also on tuesday, the post master general will announce a new concept to replace offices in neighborhoods that are shut down. china has a reputation for being the source of a lot of cheap knockoffs. >> but how about a fake apple store? a blogger living with her husband in a city in southwest china snapped shots of not one, but three fake shops, same wooden tables, similarly dressed workers, but with some discrepancies. real apple stores don't say apple store on them. and if they did, they would spell the words right. also, you can't find stores on apple's website. whether any of the products are real is unknown, but employees told the blogger, yes, they worked for apple. >> all right. >> if they say so. still to come on news4 at 4:00, tough times on the job front, should an unemployed spouse take a job out of town or a job below the skill level. some helpful advice, right after this.
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also, why more and more parents are friending their kids on facebook.
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in business news, a gloomy
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outlook like it could get any gloomier. but it is gloomy on the jobs front. >> more people filed for unemployment benefits last week. the labor department says applications were up by 10,000. that's more than expected, and a sign that layoffs are on the increase and the job market remains weak. >> features a special report called "your job, your life" offering ideas on how to survive in these incredibly challenging times and cnbc's sharon upper son joins us to talk about how does one survive this. good to see you on a thursday. >> good to be here. >> should someone at this point, and i know a lot of people out there are getting increasingly desperate. should they just take any job, even if they're grossly overqualified? should they just take it? >> well, if they've been unemployed for a year, if they've been spending 80% of their time net working, getting out there, having informational interviews, actually interviewing, and they still haven't found a job within a year, yes.
4:38 pm
if they get a position, it's probably time to take it. if they're strapped for cash which after a year likely they will be. and if they really need to get back in the work force, just to have something on their resume, it is important after a year or so to try to go for that job. >> and so sharon, what about if the job is far from home? of course, you know, there's the price of gas to consider. but, you know, if you've got a commute, you just commute? >> you just commute at this point. i mean, we're learning that about 5.5 million couples, actually, are separated because they have to find a job where they can. they're not living in the same city. and this can be done. it's difficult and difficult financially sometimes for people to figure out what to do. but the fact is, you are getting that other income, that will make up for some of it. the fact you're paying for two homes doesn't have to be as costly if you are able to keep your family home and perhaps rent a very cheap apartment to have in the city where the person has moved. and if you decide, and this is very important, to keep your checking accounts separate, so that you know that the person who is in another city is paying
4:39 pm
certain bills and the person in the family home is paying certain bills. it's very important to keep track of what's being spent during this time. >> interesting. speaking of spending, if you are in a two-income household and one of you suddenly loses your job, are you -- do you have a little more cushion there to be a little -- to take a little more time to find a job? should you -- you know, what advice do you have in that scenario? >> well, if you're married and your spouse has lost a job, more often than not, you are the woman now who is working and your husband has lost his job, more often than not, the person with the higher salary is the one who has lost the job. so financially speaking, you're going to want to get another income in pretty quickly. what we're finding is that a number of couples that are going through this not only are they having a hit to their cash flow for immediate needs, but it's also influencing any type of long-term savings they were doing. so it is important to try to find some type of work. again, you want to get the brass ring, you want to get the best
4:40 pm
job that you can. but if it's been a year or more, now is the time to -- if a job offer comes in, grab it. >> all right, sharon epperson, cnbc. >> thanks so much. >> the special is called "your job, your life." ideas on how to survive these challenging times. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. when news4 at 4:00 returns, talks to end the nfl lockout went through the night. will the latest -- the latest on where it all stands, coming up. plus, what your height says about your risk for cancer.
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tens of millions of americans are now trapped in this withering combination of heat and humidity. >> and as chris clackum reports, it's as dangerous as it is uncomfortable. >> reporter: excessive heat warnings now extend east to new york, where there is concern the heatwave could become even more dangerous. >> my aunt is 92 years old. and she had a little bit of a heart problem, and her air conditioner broke yesterday. so she needs one no matter what the cost, no matter what. >> reporter: air conditioners and cooling centers are at a premium everywhere, with temperatures expected to reach 100 degrees and higher. in ohio, triple-digit heat is suspected in the death of a man in a house near columbus, where the air conditioning wasn't working. >> the people aren't watching their behavior in this kind of environment, we may have more. so this is, you know, a good warning sign. >> reporter: that was one of
4:44 pm
some two dozen deaths blamed on a heat mass that creeped slowly across the country, and at last count set 221 record-high temperatures. in washington, the vacation crowd is getting a lesson in why it's not just the heat, but the humidity. >> humid, hot, muggy, nasty. >> thick, like soup. yeah. >> reporter: the heat continues to take a toll, too, on livestock. at least 1,200 cows have died in minnesota, 1,600 in south dakota. zoo animals, on the other hand, have places to escape the hottest heatwave some states have seen in two decades. chris clackum, nbc news. >> wow. >> i was wondering what the national zoo was doing. i just figured for some of the northern animals, they would just close off their exterior enclosure. >> fortunately for our zoo, there are some trees there, a lot of shades for those animals. good news for them.
4:45 pm
as far as we're concerned, it is just hot out there, and you know that when you step outside. but also extremely humid. 97 degrees right now, dew point of 77. humidity relative humidity, 53%, but that puts us at a heat index of 112 out there right now. current temperatures, 100 degrees, in frederick, winchester, 99 in leesburg, m manass manassas, culpeper, 99 degrees. the eastern shore a, little bit cooler there. 90 coming in in cambridge, but the heat index, 100. 112 in the district and la plata and fredericksburg, 117. and now la plata has just gone up to 118 degrees. once again, a very hot, hazy and humid atmosphere. that's the way things are going to be. not just today, but also tomorrow. and into the day on saturday as our heat warning has now been extended into saturday. but look what's coming. some relief coming up, i think, during the day on sunday, into the day on monday as the cold front tries to work its way down toward the area.
4:46 pm
of course, cold fronts this time of year, not too cold but a little relief. very hot, uncomfortable, under mostly clear skies. this evening, 90 to 95 degrees. tomorrow morning, temperatures, 76 to 82, uncomfortable with really no relief, even in the morning hours. if you're thinking with taking about jog. tomorrow, we'll come close to 100, saturday. 94 on sunday. 90 monday. we want you to stay connected. any questions about the heat, go to kammerer. also dougkammerer and hash tag beat the heat. >> all right. so we're in the soup for two more days. >> we are in the soup for two more days. and this is a soup that nobody will order again. >> all right. thanks, doug. well, both sides of the nfl lockout are meeting today to try to find an end to the four-month work stoppage.
4:47 pm
>> player reps -- players representatives are meeting here in washington while the owners are talking in atlanta. that's where nbc's kristen dahlgren is. she has the latest. >>. >> reporter: in atlanta today, optimism from the owners that the lockout could be close to the end zone. >> i think we have made a ton of progress, and i'm really hopeful that we can get it across the finish line and get football going. >> reporter: but four months into the face-off between the players and owners, it may still take some time. players met again today, but still haven't taken a vote. even without player approval of a new collective bargaining agreement, owners could still ratify a deal today. >> it has to be vetted and there will be discussions and what have you. but i'm optimistic we'll get a vote today. >> the ball would then be tossed back to the players who sources say are still chasing agreement on things like how to handle workman's comp. claims and resolve three pending court
4:48 pm
cases, including an anti-trust lawsuit brought by ten players, including tom brady and peyton manni manning. but it's not just players and owners worried about money. businesses and small towns near the nfl training camps say they're also taking a hit. >> we will lose somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to $15,000 a week for the weeks that they're not here. >> reporter: while football fans say they're the ones really feeling the pain. >> we're hurt. and it goes beyond that. because the whole situation of the season, they're going to have a season? >> reporter: a question for now still up in the air. and the clock is ticking. the preseason is scheduled to start with the hall of fame exhibition game on august 7th. the nfl says playing that on time could be challenging. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, atlanta. and still to come on news4, new age guidelines for getting mammograms. >> doctors are hoping to clear up the confusion, once and for
4:49 pm
all. we have live team coverage of the dangerous heatwave gripping our region. plus, a bee-bee gets lodged in a boy's brain. why doctors say removing it is just too risky. no more digging for quarters. paid parking is up and running now, but how well does it work? liz crenshaw takes a look at the technology tonight at 5:00. ♪ and stick around for news4 at 6:00. a flash mob that grabbed the attention of walmart shoppers. find out what they had to say. you don't want to do that outdoors in this heat. stay with us. the news begins in just a f
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4:52 pm
in news4 your health today there are new age guidelines for mammograms. obstetricians and gynecologists now say women should get the screening every year starting at the age of 40. last year, government researchers suggested those 50 and older should only get the annual mammogram. dr. nancy snyderman is the nbc chief medical editor and she says despite the new age recommendations, early screenings may not give the patient an accurate result. >> the problem with women before the age of 50 is the mammography is not so great for screening for breast cancer. the breast is denser, because estrogen levels haven't dropped, and so finding cancers isn't so
4:53 pm
easy, so there are more false-positives and we're not sure, savannah, that if you find a tumor at the age of 40, it's going to grow up to be one of the bad actor that is akiller. it may go away. somplths is this a case where you have some of the risk factors? >> exactly. the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists also say tumors grow more quickly in women in their 40s compared to those in their 50s. did you know that height is related to your cancer risk? it is if you're a woman. researchers found for every four-inch increase in height, women had a 16% higher risk of cancer. a link with ten of the most common cancerses, including breast, ovarian, colon and skin. scientists aren't sure what's raising the cancer risk in tall women. they say it could be growth hormones. they also point out height does have its advantages, including lower rates of heart disease.
4:54 pm
still ahead on news4, it's the slap heard round the world when a protester tried to put a foam pie in the face of rupert murdoch. his wife wendi stepped in during -- this all occurred during the phone hacking hearings. the couple is now the talk of the town in london. what we're learning about the murdochs and their marriage, coming u
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
more moms and dads are friending their kids on
4:57 pm
facebook. a survey commission by an internet security company finds 55% of parents keep tabs on their kids' status updates, wall posts and facebook friends. some parents confess their sole reason for getting a facebook page is so they can spy on their kids. out of parents not doing it, some say they would do it if they only knew how to do it. the latest now on the hacking scandal that is still making headlines in the united kingdom. rupert murdoch and his wife wendi are back home in new york after an intense session with the british parliament. london is still buzzing about the session. martin fletcher reports. >> reporter: the murdochs look happy to be home after tuesday's grilling by british parliament members. a new york welcome. >> nice left, wendi. >> reporter: the slap heard across the world. as for britain's parliament, the result to get to the bottom of the phone hacking scandal, they
4:58 pm
recessed until september 5. but it isn't over for rupert murdoch, by a long shot. >> the long-term effects on news corp. are difficult to see, mistakes were clearly made. it's cost them a lot of money. >> reporter: and it may cost a lot more. calpers, the biggest pension fund in the u.s. called for news corp. but their support, from a biggest outside investor. of he said the company remains, quote, a valuable and long-term investment. as for the glimpse into the murdoch marriage provided by wendi's dramatic leap, a recent and rare interview of the couple on chinese tv revealed more how they met. >> she interpreted for me as we went around china, and who wouldn't fall in love with a beautiful woman like that? >> reporter: murdoch's marriage grabbed the headlines, but nobody is under any illusion the substance hasn't changed.
4:59 pm
murdoch's empire is threatened by the british investigation. now back to you. >> that was martin fletcher reporting. and that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. it's our top story tonight. a dangerous combination of high heat and humidity is moving east and blanketing our region. >> extreme. it's literally like hell on earth. >> >> it's a lot better than a blizzard but still not good. >> and it's only going to get worse. >> i'm trying my best to beat the heat but it's outrageous right now. >> oh, the mercury is still rising tonight. good evening, everybody, i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. more than 141 million americans are suffering from this sizzle. tonight we have team coverage from maryland, virginia and the


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